About the Department

The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest departments of Fakir Chand College, established in the session 1962-1963 with Chemistry as a General Subject. Later from the session 1985-1986 the Honours course in Chemistry was introduced. The location of the department has a fine ambience with the lush green nature of Diamond Harbour, which brings freshness in mind and helps a lot to grasp the academic activities. The faculty members are very sincere and caring in their duty of teaching and there always prevails a strong mental bond between the teachers and students of the department which creates a nice and healthy fervor in the department. The department publishes a peer-reviewed journal “Prajnan O Sadhona – A Science Annual” with ISSN number 2348-7410, where teachers of both Colleges and Universities across the state can publish their scientific articles. A number of internationally and nationally renowned scientists and academicians have visited the department during the last 5 years as invited members to attend a number of national-level seminars and symposium organized by the department.